Inspired Mexican Cuisine

From our heritage to your plate. 



We specialize in bringing delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine to your event, party or gathering. Our Food is cooked on site. Seeing your food being prepared in front of your eyes, is part of the fresh and delicious experience we strive to provide.

FRESH. Happy. Together.

Food brings people together. Great food inspires. Our food is always fresh. Every plate, every ingredient. See for yourself.



Based out of Longmont, Colorado. Volcán Azul brings the delicious food and the warm hospitality of Mexico to your home and events!

After 25 years as a school educator, Volcán Azul founder, Francis, is now following her strongest passion: cooking and serving.  Francis has a long relationship with preparing and eating rich and nutritious food.  She grew up in Mexico City, in an apartment that was always full of people. Seven flights down from the apartment, the street food and restaurants filled the atmosphere with exquisite smells. 

She developed a curiosity for cooking early in life.  At the age of 6 she was observing, learning and helping to prepare meals at home.  She was fascinated by street food vendors, from whom she also learned to make food with fresh ingredients and flavorful spices. 

Francis brings to her dishes the rich Mexican Cuisine that formed her childhood and adolescence.  From shopping for fresh vegetables, fruits and meats, to serving delicious and nutritious dishes that will delight your taste buds.  Her specialty is cooking at site, preparing quesadillas, tacos and food in front of you and your guest.  Just as she learned as a child, Francis strives to ensure that everyone is satisfied throughout your event, serving flavorful and healthy dishes cooked with cultural pride and with lots of love.

Volcán Azul is inspired by the combination of street food and home cooked meals made with fresh ingredients.


our Kitchen




We will bring the kitchen to you. With our mobile kitchen cart, we provide delicious options for every plate prepared on site. Quesadillas and Volcanes are made to order and priced to consumption. Our mobile kitchen is a party favorite. 



With options to satisfy your taste and budget, try our catering option. Catering includes plates, utensils, set up and serving on site. Volcán Azul will take care of your meals throughout the entire event.