May you always be nourished with delights!

Volcán Azul

Bringing delicious dishes and warmth to your events.

Serving Longmont, Colorado and beyond.

Volcán Azul founder, Francis, is now following her strongest passions: cooking, serving and organizing events.  She has a long relationship with preparing and eating rich, nutritious food.  She grew up in Mexico City, in a lively apartment bustling with family and friends. From her seventh floor apartment, she could smell the exquisite foods from the street vendors, restaurants and neighbors. The chants from the street vendors was music to her ears. She developed a curiosity for cooking early in life.  Beginning at age 6, her culinary creativity began, as she helped prepare meals at home. To this day, she experiments with fresh ingredients and flavorful spices to nourish and delight.


The Volcán Azul Team brings the party to you. We take care of it all. You give us the space, we set up lively stations where we cook on site, preparing scrumptious dishes and drinks right in front of your eyes. We make unique and original food, like our Blue Corn Quesadillas, Tacos and Tamales, or our Grilled Kabobs or Roasted Sweet Plantain. The multi-cultural flair and warmth that each team member brings will make your event shine!

Volcán Azul ensures that everyone is nourished with delights, in body and soul. Our dishes are cooked with cultural pride and served with big engaging smiles and lots of love. Each person leaves with a fulfilled tummy and a content heart.