Volcán Azul's mobile kitchen cart transforms your event into a street food extravaganza. Food is made to order and charged per person or according to consumption. 

We will work with your budget and contribute to building your desired themes.


We have options to satisfy your taste and budget. Here are some sample Menus. Listed cost is per person. Catering includes plates, utensils, set up and serving on site.

Quality and quantity 


Our food

Quality food starts with quality ingridients.  


Blue Corn Tortillas

From folded Quesadillas to Tacos stuffed with Guisados (stews), and crunchy Volcanos made with blue corn tortillas and two types of melted cheese, Oaxaca and Enchilado, our dishes will make flavorful eruptions in your mouth.


Fresh Veggies

Fresh vegetables can be found in every dish we serve. Calabacitas (Mexican squash), MushroomsPeppersOnions,  Nopalitos (cactus), Avocados, Tomatoes, Potatoes and more can be found in our Guisados (stews), Salads and our salsas; Salsa Verde (Tomatillo and Avocado based), Salsa Casera (Roasted Tomato based) or Salsa Guajillo, made with these type of chilies.


Seasonal Fruit 

Among our side dishes are Arroz Rojo (red Mexican rice with veggies), Frijoles Charros (Bean Stew) and Frutas Mexicanas (Mexican style fruit).  We cut seasonal fresh fruits on site; like cucumbers, papaya, watermelon and jicama. Then choose a topping, like Limon y Chile (lime and chili powder), Chamoy made with Tamarind and Spices, or Yogurt and Granola.


Volcán Azul is inspired by the combination of street food and home cooked meals made with fresh ingredients.