Volcán Azul's transforms your event into a street food extravaganza that feels like being in a market! We set-up food stations indoors or outdoors from which we serve each one of your guests. Food is made to order and charged per person or according to consumption. 

We will work with your budget and contribute to building your desired themes.


We have options to satisfy your taste and budget. Here are some sample Menus. Listed cost is per person. Catering includes plates, utensils, setting up and serving on site.

May you always be nourished with delights!

Que siempre te nutras con delicias!


Our food

Quality food starts with quality ingredients.  


Blue Corn Tortillas

We are proud of our Organic Blue Corn that comes fresh from the Ute Tribe of the Ute Mountain Region. We grind the corn, make the Masa with water and salt, which we use to make our Tortillas. No preservatives are added.


Seasonal Veggies/Fruits

We shop for local Vegetables to make our “Guisados” (Sauteed Veggies and Stews) and mix flavors as they cook in slow fire. Our fruits are also from the southwest region, including Mexico, to bring the juiciest and sweetest flavors to our foods and drinks.

brochetas web.jpg


Our excellent quality meats are handpicked and free of hormones or chemicals. We cook beef, chicken, pork or lamb to make delicious dishes and fillings like Bistec (Steak), Chicken Mole, Fajitas, Carnitas and Kabobs.


Volcán Azul is inspired by the combination of street food and home cooked meals made with fresh and excellent quality ingredients.